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Author Topic: Maggott's Quest for Critiques, part 2: The Klernbraggians  (Read 1422 times)

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« on: June 05, 2008, 01:31:28 PM »

I am posting these race descriptions in order to get an idea of how readers percieve the race according to my description.  The races are unusual enough that there's potential for the concepts to be misleading and there may be important details that I inadvertently left out.

To help me see how other people percieve my descriptions, I've put together a little questionairre to go with the race descriptions.  Basically, you just answer the questions as though you were a member of that race as you see them.  You can ignore this and just give a quick critique if you want; the questinairre is just meant to give a convenient way for you to reflect back your interpretation of what I wrote.

If you're unfamiliar with Jumpers, they're briefly explained in this thread:


(Long story short, they're dimension-hoppers)

- the ultimate in inside information
- to use your brains instead of brute force
- to hate Maggottonians (though this is optional)
- superior biotechnology and even some spirit technology
- to actually give half a shit about the natural world around you
- to be capable of tracking master assassins in your sleep.  Literally, if necessary.


   Klernbraggians are smooth-skinned humanoids who possess no hair anywhere on their body. They come in numerous, slightly muted colors, but are most commonly found in light grey or faded pastel colors, the most common being a slightly ruddy pastel pink. The most noticeable trait of the Klernbraggians is the thick, tentacular protrusions at the backs of their heads (Two for males, three for females).  These appendages are typically between one and two feet long.

   Their bodies do not tend towards the same extremes as other Jumpers and they have a slightly wider variety.  A typical Klernbraggian has the build of a healthy human with solid musculature.  The expression of masculine and feminine traits is more obvious in Klerns; males have larger upper bodies and thicker muscles, whereas the females have deeper curves, softer facial features and so forth.  Klern muscles are not as dense or efficient as those of other races, so unusually strong Klerns--particularly males--can potentially become quite muscular.

   Klerns have eyes that typically match the color of their skin.  When they don't, they come in the same range of colors (faded pastels or greys).


   The primary innate power that Klerns possess comes from the long tentacular appendages that hang down from the backs of their heads. These appendages connect directly to the brain via small holes in the skull, protected by cartilage and tough, leathery tissues. These appendages contain organs which are, in essence, powerful sensory interpolation systems. They consist of extremely fine, almost ephemeral sensory organs which pick up on the most subtle of anomolies, along with specialized quasi-neural matrices that interpret that data and determine it's significance. They are, in essence, a biological sensor grid that looks for and interprets complex patterns.  They are designed to pick up on millions of tiny, subtle effects and decipher their significance.  Huge effects (Such as a volcano erupting) will go totally unnoticed by these organs, but the tiny clickings of a microchip, on the other hand, would not only be detected but potentially deciphered as well, making Klerns one of the few races that can mindread computers and androids without using psionics or cybernetics.  (The only other race that can do this without psionics is the Mezu Na.)  This also makes them sensitive to "inexplicable" phenomena, such as a tiny set of vibrations caused by a magical wind passing through a forest. 

   The practical effect of these unusual organs is that Klernbraggians are walking sensor arrays for the most hidden of phenomena.  They can sense a large variety of phenomena in this fashion, but generally, the more complex or unusual the pattern is, the more likely they are to pick it up.  Any use of psionics, and most uses of magic, are immediately apparent to them, either directly or through their secondary effects on reality. Experienced Klernbraggians can often even determine the nature of what they're sensing; where it is coming from and what it is.  Perhaps the most useful aspect of this ability, however, is how broadly it applies.  As jumpers, they are highly adapted to interpreting data from a wide variety of possible realities, including unknown ones, and this also means they are adapted to interpreting data from an equally wide variety of sources.  Brains, computers, spirits, and even magical intelligences can be sensed and possibly deciphered by a skilled Klern.  Anything both subtle and 'anomolous' can be picked up.

   This also makes them almost universal empaths and mind-readers. The interpolative nature of the organs makes them capable of deciphering alien thoughts simply from their neural patterns or similar physical effects. Even other jumpers can be read in this manner, albeit to a limited extent.  Their form of mindreading, being mechanical, is almost totally unaffected by psionic shields or other defenses.  They are also unaffected by psionic static and mental "noise."  Those who know the Klernbraggians well know that the only way to keep your secrets from them psionically is to directly attack them; suppressing the Klern's conscious mind with psionic attacks will render them unable to concentrate on what their tentacles are telling them, but psionic shields will do nothing.  The Klern's sensory abilities direct advantages in psionic combat, but those who are trained potentially can use them to find weak spots in their enemy's psionic defenses.  Such weak spots do not always exist, however, and when they do, they aren't always exploitable; overall, Klerns do not have any significant edge in psychic combat.

   Predictably, Klerns place a higher emphasis on knowing the subtle nature of things than other Jumpers.  While their old rivals, the Maggottonians, concern themselves with learning the rules of a universe (and subsequently abusing them), the Klernbraggians care more about the essence of a universe.  Their abilities give them some degree of advantage in this area, as the passing of spirit forms and other ethereal phenomena are not outside the realm of what their appendages can sense.

   The Klerns hail from a planet called Aliahari, located in a sub-dimension of a prime cluster of overlapping meta-dimensions called Vladiccio.  Vladiccio has a huge number of synthetic connections to other clusters created by the Klerns; they use it not only as their primary staging ground but as a source of materials and reinforcements for agents "in the field."  Like the Xzelerax, they use their links to other clusters to bolster their power, though in their case reinforcements come in the form of literal soldiers and ships rather than extradimensional magic. 

   Aliahari was, up until recently, a fairly idyllic place; it's wildlife was not particularly dangerous and it's cities were neither sprawling nor polluting.  It was a world of sparse vegetation and aesthetically crafted cities of metal, stone and stained glass.  Now it is a world of sparse vegetation, aesthetically crafted cities, blasted rubble, slag, craters several miles across, smog, and more than a few volcanic fissures in the planet's crust, all complements of the "Day of Three Worlds."  This is their term for one specific six-hour period in which the Klerns and Maggottonians managed to fight over all three of the major worlds that they called home: Maggottonia, the lost ancestral homeworld of the Maggottonians, Klagbrizingi, the synthetic homeworld the Imperials created in it's place, and Aliahari.  Of the three, only Aliahari actually sustained any substantial damage, and the damage was substantial indeed; nearly a third of their cities and practically all of their major planetary defenses were either damaged or annihilated.  The Day of Three Worlds began with the Klerns attempting to destroy the Maggottonian homeworld and ended with a desperate bid to defend their own--a bid which barely succeeded.

   Vladiccio was also host to the battles that took place in the wake of the Day of Three Worlds: the Vladiccio war, which was a series of one-sided slaughters in which the Klerns tried unsuccessfully to turn back the relentless counterattack of the Maggottonian Imperial Navy.  Though the Klerns had a staggeringly large starfleet and enormous military resources at their disposal, the Empire's vastly superior military technology overwhelmed them, allowing the Maggottonians to take half of the entire cluster in only six months.  The two races have since made peace, and though the Maggottonians still maintain the patrols, outposts and battlestations that they have established in "their half," they are allowing the Klerns free passage throughout the cluster.  Both sides approach this with some trepidation, however; it may only be the mutual edicts of the Maggottonian Emperor and the Klern Queen that is keeping the peace between these two ancient enemies.

   The Klernbraggians use a combination of standard and organic technology, with their higher-tech devices being biotech and their more mundane equipment being conventional tech.  Militarily they tend to favor quantity over quality, but millenia of technological advancement in the biotech field means that even their fodder units are very advanced.  In fact, the reason Klernbraggians tend to build large numbers of weaker units is that their weak units are often more than a match for those of a non-Jumper race.  Large numbers not only afford them an advantage in firepower, but also in the range and area in which they may project and maintain that power. In this respect, their fleet gives them a greater advantage against non-Jumper races, but turns into a disadvantage when combating other powerful Jumper races or highly advanced non-Jumpers (as the Vladiccio war so painfully proved). Their conventional technology is average for a higher-up spacefaring race, but their organic technology is very advanced.  (In rules terms, they are biotech-hypertech.)

   The Klernbraggians are governed by a great assembly known as the Matrix Council.  This is a tremendous senate that discusses, debates and decides upon policy and action within the Klern race.  Parallel to the council is the inner circle, which consists of the lords of the Matrices: Saccullus, Deia, Hallo, Vela, and others.  They are effectively the actual leaders of each Matrix.  Presiding over this inner council is a king or queen who is chosen by the council.  The inner circle takes it's cues from the council and the queen as to what goals the race shall have, but it is up to the Matrix Council and the leaders of each individual matrix to get it done. 

   The matrices are quasi-political organizations that perform certain functions within Klern society.  The Saccullus Matrix, for example, handles internal security, criminal investigations, espionage, and special operations, whereas the Deia Matrix includes the military and paramilitary aspects of Klernbraggian society and the Hallo Matrix provides biotech research and medical services to both civilians and the military.  Each matrix maintains it's own training and infrastructure, and they work closely together and often encourage cross-training to give each agent of Klernbraggian interests the broadest possible range of skills.  Factionalization between matrices is discouraged, and they work together closely against any and all external threats.


   First off, Klernbraggians refuse to refer to themselves as such.  At best, they will concede to using the term "Klern."  The word "Klernbraggian" is Maggottonian, and essentially means "Dickhead."  (The Klerns and the Maggottonians historically did not get along.)  "Klern," on the other hand, merely means "Brain" or "Mind" and this is more acceptable to them.  For some reason the name has stuck, even among some of their allies.  The Klerns generally refer to themselves as either "Aliaha" or "Aliaharans," both of which are named after their homeworld, Aliahari,  "Aliaha" is rarely used because it's annoying to say, and "Aliaharan" is usually used to refer to non-Klerns who are living on the Klern homeworld.  "Klernbraggian," on the other hand, is both distinct and easily pronounceable.  Klerns grudgingly put up with the term, though they draw the line at insulting their homeworld by calling it by it's Maggottonian name, Klernbragzar ("Dickhead Central.")

   Klerns are both introspective and extrospective.  Their special senses give them a much broader level of insight and experience than other races typically have, and their culture reflects this.  They are among the few Jumper races who consider it important to learn to be mentally and spiritually in tune with the dimension they are in in a way that goes beyond "find the flux and fix it."  They have an almost monk-like reverence for contemplation and wisdom, though that is where the similarity ends.  In practice they are worldly, pragmatic and cunning.  Klerns are movers and shakers; they take an active hand in many things, using their knowledge and understanding to further their present agenda.  While they may resemble monks in their musings, they are worlds away from them in their actions.

   Like most Jumper races, Klerns are typically benevolent in their intentions, but they are much more organized and goal-oriented in realizing those intentions.  While a Betariian may be happy just traipsing in and killing the bad guy and a Maggottonian can pretty much only be counted on to do whatever they feel like at the time, Klerns will consider the situation, their options, and what their goals should be, ultimately coming up with a plan that will achieve those goals.  While they are not necessarily smarter than other Jumpers, they are often much more effective and successful simply because they take the time to stop and think about what they're doing.  It's a good thing, too, as they are one of the weakest races physically; they cannot afford to simply jump in and wing it like many other races can.  Only their advanced symbiot suits allow them to fight on the level of other Jumpers, and even these require a greater degree of skill and focus than most other Jumpers need to achieve similar success.  It is a tribute to their race that they have not only managed to equal the other Jumpers, but exceed them.  For all the strength and skill that the other races have, there are only three truly great powers among the Jumper factions: Klagbrizingi, Xectira, and Aliahari.

   The particular personalities of Klerns vary widely.  Some are somber and serious, others are passionate and emotional.  As wisdom is something they value, most of them do their best to remain calm and make rational decisions, but they can be overcome by rage, anguish, desire, or other emotions that will interfere with their decision-making.  Most Klerns carry themselves with a quiet intensity; they may spend hours in meditation and thought, but they have a subtle aura of power and decisiveness that puts a keen edge in their seemingly depthless eyes.  Even though they are physically one of the weakest of Jumper races, their presence commands respect and, sometimes, even intimidation.  Their power was not their birthright.  Their power was earned, and it shows in the way they carry themselves.

   Klerns are among the most politically active of Jumper races.  Nearly all of them maintain some level of connection to their homeworld, and their government maintains an elaborate web of alliances and relationships with both Jumper and non-Jumper factions.

   While they are not at all racist when it comes to non-Jumpers, Klerns are notorious for subscribing to stereotypes when it comes to other Jumpers, especially those that are misleading or hard to read (such as Maggottonians or Betariians).  This habit has been shaken by the war between the Klerns and the Maggottonians, however--while most of the war only seemed to confirm every negative prejudice they held against the seemingly barbaric Maggottonians, the end of the war and the events that followed have utterly contradicted those very same beliefs.  The Empire ceased their war for no apparent reason other than they felt the Klerns weren't really all that bad, despite their repeated attempts to destroy Maggottonia.  As a result the Klerns have started to notice their prejudice and question whether it is appropriate. 

   Even so, most Klerns are still wary around Maggottonians, if not outright hostile.  At best, they aren't sure what to think.  At worst, they hate them more than they ever did.  Some have even more unusual feelings; the presence of a Maggottonian can provoke fear and even outright shame in some Klerns, again because of the things that happened in the end days of the war.

Klernbraggian Characteristics: Calm, Rational, Analytical, Attuned, Wise, Focused, Decisive
Male Names: Emhir, Santo, Kalika, Lurodim, Ahsmeir, Rusole
Female Names: Evelle, Lelaria, Aria, Alia, Erys, Lurellia

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« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2008, 01:32:08 PM »

And now the questionairre:

Briefly describe, in your own words, what this race is like:

If you were a Klernbraggian:

How would you react if someone made a snide comment about one of your companions?

Say you're in a generic fantasy universe.  What is your attitude towards Humans, Elves, Dwarves and similar species?  What is your attitude towards Drow, Orcs, Kobolds, and their ilk?  How would you react to them?

Suppose you were in a modern setting and were preparing for a fight.  What would you do to make sure you were ready?

Suppose you were in a futuristic setting.  What would you do if you were inside a starship that was being fired upon?  (Assuming your own ship was armed, but not necessarily assuming you know how to use it--whether your character would know how to use it is part of the answer)

What would you do if a tiefling tried to pick your pocket?

What would you do if a kender tried to steal one of your weapons?

What is your attitude towards other Jumpers and/or Jumper Races?

What is your attitude towards your own race?

What is your attitude towards Gods?

What's the best way to gain your friendship?

What's the best way to piss you off?

What kinds of situations, if any, make you nervous?

What is your attitude towards killing?  Under what kind of circumstances are you willing to do it?

A member of the opposite sex (but probably not a member of your race) is flirting with you in a bar.  How do you respond?

When other beings meet you for the first time, how do you assume they will react, assuming they recognize what race you are?

An evil sorcerer gives you the choice between saving two innocent lives and letting four lesser devils die, at the cost of one innocent life, or saving all three innocent lives but also unleashing all four devils upon the world.  How do you react?

Out of character: What do you like about this race (if anything)?

What don't you like about this race (if anything)?

What do you feel is missing from this race's description (if anything)?

What other details about this race are you curious about (if any)?

Sum up your vision of this race in ten words or less:

Insert any other comments, critiques, or questions here:

Okay.  You're done.  Thank you for your time.  Feel free to take a cookie on your way out.

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Kevin Vito

« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2008, 01:40:05 PM »

If you were a Klernbraggian:

How would you react if someone made a snide comment about one of your companions?
I would scan that someone's body for every imperfection using my powerful sensory organs and search for any insecurity that I could exploit.

Say you're in a generic fantasy universe.  What is your attitude towards Humans, Elves, Dwarves and similar species?  What is your attitude towards Drow, Orcs, Kobolds, and their ilk?  How would you react to them?
I guess I would study them.

Suppose you were in a modern setting and were preparing for a fight.  What would you do to make sure you were ready?
Hack into every computer system to dig up as much information as I can about my opponents and if possible, steal their identities and screw up their bank accounts and credit so they can't buy weapons.

I'll do the rest later.
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