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Author Topic: [Misspent Youth] Reservations! (Don't call it a preorder)  (Read 3927 times)
Robert Bohl
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« on: July 14, 2008, 12:56:25 PM »

So I'm doing what I'm calling reservations (sort of but not really a preorder) for the Misspent Youth ashcan.

I'm going to be selling the ashcan for $10 at Gen Con. I heard from a few people who want a copy but who won't be able to get to Gen Con. There's an extremely small chance that I'll sell out of copies, so I wanted to set aside copies for those of you who were really excited about the game and won't get to get a copy there. If you want, Paypal me $12 (the cover price + $2 shipping)* at my gmail address, which is at rob dot bohl before I leave for Gen Con (by August 11 at 12 pm Eastern). In the paypal email, include your address. I'll respond to each email I get as soon as possible. Then I'll set aside a copy for you when I get them and mail it as soon as I can.

If you're coming to Gen Con, I'd rather sell it to you there. I don't want to do a huge pre-order thing, I just want to ensure that the people who are enthusiastic about the game aren't going to get screwed because they didn't go to Gen Con.

* Note: If you're not in the continental US, email me at that same address and we'll work out what the cost of shipping will be. I'll just be charging shipping at cost.

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