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Photographer available for illustration work

Started by Elizabeth, August 21, 2008, 03:38:39 AM

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Hi! I'm a freelance photographer by day, game designer by night. I've been doing a ton of photography as game illustrations lately, and I thought I should mention that I'm available for hire.

I've done some stuff for Nathan Paoletta's game Annalise:
Girl with blood
At the bus stop

I also did all of the photography for Emily Care Boss' new game, Under My Skin, including the cover.

A ton of people used my photos of three hands in black and white for Game Chef 2008, though I don't have those pictures online any more. I won the prestigious "Best Art by a Friend of Ben Lehman" award, which is proudly displayed on my mantle.

My website is and contains a large amount of my photography. I am willing to license already-existing photos as well as do custom work; I take care of finding models, etc. If you need specific photo-manipulation and retouching, I can do that as well; I used to work as a retouch artist.


I was surprised how popular those images were in Game Chef (they even made the short list of the images I was going to use). Great versatility in them though.

I may be in contact soon as my next project starts gathering momentum.

A.K.A. Michael Wenman
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