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System designer

Started by Bolterboy, June 05, 2008, 06:26:48 PM

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The company I work for is looking for a system designer.  So would this place be the correct one for asking for a system designer?

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Ron Edwards

My apologies for missing this topic for so long.

The answer depends on the company and the game in question. Is this about independent publishing, as defined here at the Forge?

If so, then sure - that's a reasonable thread topic, no problem. If not, though, then another website is better for you.

Best, Ron


Hello BolterBoy,

I was wondering what other information you can provide about your company and the goals of the system you want to create.

We have a game system that pretty much works for any kind of game, currently we are developing  a classic RPG, a card/miniature and a tabletop family game.

If you want to take a look or need more information feel free to contact me.

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Ron Edwards

See, that's exactly the sort of post I was trying to forestall. If you are trying to find publishers for a game you've written, you need to find another site for that purpose.

This site does not act as a meeting-ground for non-creator publishers to meet non-publishing creators. It is only for independent publishers, which is to say, self-publishers and creator-controlled policy. This particular forum exists for such publishers to seek freelance work in implementing their games, such as artists or layout, and vice versa.

Given that the original poster has not responded to my inquiry, this thread is now closed. No one else post to it, please.

Best, Ron