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Committee is sold out - Any suggested revisions?

Started by Eric J. Boyd, July 19, 2009, 02:06:13 AM

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Eric J. Boyd

The Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries, my game of pulp/Victorian adventure storytelling, has sold out its third printing. It's also been two years now since it was released.

So I ask you, the wonderful folks who have purchased and/or played the game - do you have suggestions for revisions to the text or rules?

Did you spot any errors or editing mistakes when reading the book? Did you not understand a particular passage when you read it? Is there something you wish the book discussed or explained that it doesn't?

Did you ever play the game? If not, did the text or rules create a barrier to play? Anything I could do to better help you sell the game to your group?

If you did play, was the text a useful reference during the game? Did things go smoothly? What problems did you encounter? Did any rules or elements of the game not deliver? Any other questions or concerns from your actual play?

I've already got some revisions in mind that you're welcome to weigh in on:

-Add a discussion on dice strategy and tips to make the learning curve easier.

-Add a more detailed discussion of timed narration, its pitfalls, and adaptations to better ease you into the game

-Make all group hazards untimed to focus on jockeying among the players

-Streamline the difficulty of group hazards to make the math easier

-Simplify and streamline use of the expedition log

-Simplify and streamline use of the beverages in play

-Call attention to the key rules in the text and revise the rules summaries to make them more user-friendly during play

That's my list - any other suggestions?

P.S. Anyone who currently owns the game in any form can get a free PDF of the revision once it's out. I'll also have a free PDF to summarize any rules changes.