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Bad Guy Personalities??

Started by LandonSuffered, January 28, 2009, 12:35:12 AM

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With the exception of "puppet master" (which I note was used for the bad guy in the Capes flash example) the present personality archetypes (right-side click sheets) only appear fit for the heroes of the comic book world.  Where are the villainous personality click-sheets? I'm thinking things like: Diabolical Fiend, White Supremacist, Unstable Sadist, or Frickin' Nutjob?  Anyone else feel the need to design their own in order to better portray the motley crew of bad guys paraded through the pages of comic books?

Just wondering.


I cannot see that.
Just take a look at them with potential enemys of your heroes in mind.
There is the EX-VICTIM that provides lots of anger and hate on the antagonist side. Playing on the more lunatic aproach we see the PSYCHOTIC LOONER. On the utterly human side we see OLDER BUT WISER as an ex mentor, the CHARMER or Seducer or even the CRUSADER is possible. Another good one is the INHUMAN.
But it's even cooler to come up with self written Click and Locks.

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I like Simple Soul and Spunky Kid for villains.  They're creepy.
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