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Question about The Plan

Started by Wordmaker, May 06, 2009, 07:06:55 AM

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When the GM decides on The Plan for the story, does he let the players know what it is and how it relates to their Strife Aspects?

Dominic Claveau

If I remember correctly, the GM is invited to disclose information about the plan when players increase its suffering. Also, the plan may be revealed in the opposite order as it was conceived. So, for the first card put on the story arc, heroes learn how the villain intends to capture their aspects, then they learn how he wants to change them and lastly, why he wants to do so.

I'm pretty sure that I read it in the book itself and not on a forum.


Cool, thanks. I've just re-read that section and spotted that part. :-)

Dominic Claveau

Always good to know I can help ! ;)