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Just an intro

Started by SolitudeGames, May 10, 2009, 08:56:29 PM

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Hi all

just wanted to intro myself , not much to tell just another rpg fan who just started getting more into writing and design. I written off  and on but starting to take writing more seriously 
I will be producing material under solitude games. my main focus will be solo adventures like the old 1980's gamebooks  my bible has been that awesome artical by steve jackson writing a solo adventure wich I stumbled upon one day a few years back most of my material will be free for download since I won't really own the rights to some of the universes. I do have some original ideas in the works too  I don't have a website up yet but hopefully soon.

Are there other members who are writing solo based adventures in this forum ? would love to chat,  I also like writing interactive fiction.

talk to everyone later