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Mini-supplement finance news

Started by Ron Edwards, July 24, 2002, 06:34:31 PM

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Ron Edwards

Hey there,

Dav Harnish just sent me this email ...

I just sold my 75th copy of HELLBOUND!  Whoopie!!

At $4.55 per copy to me (except the first 12, which were at 4.70, before
PayPal raised its rates), that's 341.25!  (Or 343.05, if you include the
other few cents from before the rate hike).

Just thought I'd give you the update.  Feel free to use this info if you
want to convince people that this stuff works and makes money.

Roughly 350 dollars in 13 months, 10 days.  And it's free money!

Sales are up on the mini-supplements lately, which I take to be a sign of increased use and buying "out there" in the land of game stores and gamers that we never see.


Clinton R. Nixon

My sales on Urge have also been up. With no marketing whatsoever, I've sold 35 copies in the last year - $125 after PayPal takes its cut.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Jared A. Sorensen

Me too.

I've sold a copy of SCHISM every day this week. It was slow for awhile, but I estimate that I've sold at least one or two a week for the past two months.


Total copies sold? 52. Total profit? $286.64. Not too shabby.

I'm one copy of SCHISM away from total profits of $700 on SCHISM, SQUEAM and InSpectres. "Indie game design works for me!"
jared a. sorensen /


Well, I need to say it:

"This shit works!"

(...and across the land, arguments of PDF publishing as a fringe-market, fad-culture phase laid themselves down to bed)



My current stats: I've sold 30 copies of Electric Ghosts and made about $165.  Not the sales that Dav and Jared have gotten but hey, it paid for my webhosting, and it looks like it will again this year, so it's worth it!

I also noticed that after a mention of it on a newsgroup last week, my sales shot up, and I've gotten almost a sale a day for the last couple days.
Rev. Ravenscrye Grey Daegmorgan
Wild Hunt Studio