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Changes to Conflict Sheet

Started by scottdunphy, September 04, 2009, 04:45:08 PM

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It was just pointed out to me that the official download of the Conflict sheet has changed so that it now has a "Change Target" box mixed in with what used to be tactics and the target options are gone. I liked the old sheet and used it to track the target and the tactics with the understanding that you only had to change one or the other when changing suits but could change both. I'm not sure what the advantage is to the new sheet and what, if any, rules tweaks are needed to use it.

Since I reference the sheet in my podcast, I uploaded the original to my site so that people could see what I'm talking about in the show. I figured I'd post the link here too in case anyone else needs it, but if Michael wants me to take it down, no problem.
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Michael S. Miller

Hi, Scott.

In our actual play, we found very, very few people actually using the "Change Target" option. Thus, we eliminated it. Glad to hear that you're having fun with it.
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