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Started by Togman1, July 31, 2009, 10:24:55 PM

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Superior POD has officially launched our PUBLISHERS WAREHOUSE. You can now print, publish and sell your product designs all in one place!

Superior POD acts as your warehouse and order fulfilment center. We charge a very small fee for this service and we know that it is lower than other companies charge. The fees involved for this service are as follows:

•Cost for printing the product
•20% of the NET sales price for hosting the product in Publishers Warehouse
•$2.00 order processing fee plus $0.25 per item placed in the package to ship
•Customer covers shipping costs
You can even offer trade discounts to retailers

At the end of the month we mail you a check or paypal you your profits

Lets say you have a book that costs $3.00 to print and you retail it at $18.00. If you list it for sale in our Publishers Warehouse and sell one book at full retail we would keep $3.00 for the printing and $3.60 for the hosting fee for a total of $6.60. You would receive $11.40

If you are an overseas publisher you can now forego costly international shipping charges. We will print warehouse and dropship your product directly to your North American customers. If you sell to retail stores we can even set it up so that any discount level you offere them is automatically calculated upon checkout from our store.

Find out more at


if your pod why would you need to host the product in a warehouse? don't you just make one when it's ordered, or is the hosting fee for the web end of the project?

also is that example correct?

  18.00 book
-3.00 printing
-3.60 hosting fee
-2.25 processing fee
=9.15 return

i would love to see some samples of your POD card decks