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Looking for ideas and help with a player created setting

Started by PhoenixFireRPG, August 06, 2009, 11:12:03 PM

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I am beginning work on a project right now which essentially is (hopefully) going to be a player created setting.  The game is pretty much 3.5 basic rules (few alternate options now), but I am hoping that people will drop in at the website and take a look.  I am mostly looking for little bursts of creativity and input from people with all kinds of gaming perspectives. 

This is kind of a hobby or personal project thing rather than a publish for oodles of dollars thing.  You see, I don't have a ton of gamers around, so any help or talents anyone would like to lend are welcome!  I can't pay, but hopefully the experience will be worth it if you are interested. Just know if it's a cool idea it can end up in the setting (which is obviously online) so please don't give me ideas you are dying to use yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this blurb, and hopefully visit the site.  Please take 10 seconds and sign up so you can see everything there.  Who knows, if it works perhaps we could put together a pdf or something for all the site members or contributers.  But it has to work first.

Check it out and let me now what you think or if you want to help:
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I think the idea is really good, but I think that if you provided a little more information about locations, it could help spark some ideas for people.  Right now I only see alternative classes available. Those are good, but if you give people a place and maybe populate it with a few NPCs, they'll get ideas for additional places to add to your campaign world.
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