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6 sets of Dice per player?

Started by Lexonus, August 20, 2009, 07:10:12 AM

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I just ordered the game PDF after listening to Mel White's AP recordings.  I was a little surprised to read that it is recommended to have about 6 sets of dice per player.  This seems kind of high.  Have people had success running the game with a smaller number of dice and just sharing between players?  I ask because I only have 3 sets of polyhedral dice.  I do have a bunch of d10s and d6s but only 3 D4s, D8s and D12s.  I was going to buy a few more sets but the thought of buying 21 more sets (for a 4 player game) is daunting.  The only tight spot I see is in battle where everyone assigns dice to their left and right hand.  I am considering printing soem cardstock counters that say D4, D6 etc and let the players use those to allocate dice and then roll shared dice on their actual turn.  So, any thoughts or feedback would be great.

Darren Hill

Does it really say 6 sets per player? I've never needed that many.

I think for battles, the most you will need is a few d6 and a d8 (for shield and sword), plus a Name Die and Skill die each of which could be anything from d4 to d12

They could be situations where you need more than that (creative abilities and oaths, for instance), but you can just reuse a die that's already used if needed.

As GM, I needed more dice when I had enemies in play - I used to write the dice down, but your token idea is better.

John Harper

You don't really need that many, but during a battle, there can be a lot of dice on the table.

This set of polys is a cheap way to get a bunch of Agon dice (105 dice for $12).
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Thanks for the great link John.  Really cool site and an outstanding deal on dice!