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Ability Dice level at character creation

Started by Lexonus, August 28, 2009, 12:08:02 PM

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I want to make sure I am reading the character creation text correctly.  The rules say that in each group of abilities you can raise a d6 to a D8 by dropping a skill in the same group to a D4.   so my question is:

Can i then raise that d8 to a d10 by dropping another skill in the same group to a d4?


Is the only way to move a d8 to a d10 is by using one of your "free advances"?


Darren Hill

It's the second.

You can even raise two skills in a group to d8, by dropping the other two to d4, but the only way to get a d10 is to use one of your two starting advances.


I guess you mean development, not only creation, as in the Gothics you dont create a  character at all but just get a premade guy.

Darren Hill

I don't follow. In Agon, you do create a character - it's not a premade guy.