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Author Topic: Two Games One Name  (Read 4051 times)
Nathan P.

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« on: October 05, 2009, 08:00:19 PM »

Hey there,

I'm running a game design challenge thingy. It's called Two Games One Name, and the idea is that folks submit potential names for a game, and then pairs of entrants are given the same name to design a game around. There's some more to it than that, but this post is primarily to point you to where the action is. There's a dedicated blog for it right here, and I also have a thread going on at story-games with all the info.

I'm the sole judge for winners, and there is a bucket of prizes up for the offing, including PDFs and print games from myself, Two Scooters Press, Kevin Allen Jr Design, Dig 1000 Holes Publishing, BoxNInja, TAO Games, and comics and art prints from Keith Senkowski.

Thanks for readin'. I'm looking forwards to seeing what comes out of this crazy thing.

Nathan P.
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