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[Steamdance] Playtest needed!

Started by Tazio Bettin, October 15, 2009, 08:09:26 AM

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Tazio Bettin

Hi everyone,
I would like to ask to whomever might be interested to play a strongly gamist steampunk game to playtest my attempt at game designing.

Steamdance is a game in which players take the roles of spies employed by powerful factions (industrialist lords, military rulers, politicians, or institutions like a church) in order to steal the newest invention in a setting where inventors and scientist seem to create or discover new technologies every month or so.

It is a player vs. player game, whose mechanics are inspired by the functioning of the steam engine, by balancing stats and pursue the goal to arrive to the Conquest (the newest invention or discovery) before other players do. The game is divided into phases, and the first player who reachest the last phase wins.
NPCs and adversities have no stats, instead the character has a stat that signifies his risk and level of exposure.
A rule directly inspired by Ralph Mazza's Blood Red Sands ensures that stress is put on the narration's style via direct challenge of it.

You can find the newest playtest version in my blog:

If you playtest the game, please let me know your AP, so that I may include you in the acknowledgements list.

The playtest manuscript is quite essential and includes very little notion on the color of the game, it only has the crunch or little more. So if you feel confused or think that it lacks some more in depth explanation somewhere, I'd be grateful if you let me know!
(the last page of the manuscript includes contact information in case you wanted to write to me).

Thanks in advance!