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[Agon] Tricks and Alternate Advantages

Started by Paolo D., December 22, 2009, 08:26:12 PM

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Paolo D.

As suggested by John in my other topic (, these days I'm using the Tricks and the Alternate Advantages (from the Agon wiki) like semiofficial rules. I've got some questions about it:

1) with Tricks, you can gain an advantage die fom one roll. So it's a "temporary" die, that stands for only one roll, right?...

2) ...and with Alternate Advantages, the progression of the dice-per-victory in this contest is 1 victory = 1d10, 2 victories = 2d10 and 3 victiories 3d10 (as by the rule) or the progression from the core manual (1d6, 1d8, 1d10)?

3) Can Minions do Tricks?...

4) ...and if yes, does the Minions gang-up rule apply to Tricks contests? Because if not, the Antagonist has to roll A LOT OF DICE when rolling with 6, 7, 8... or 10 minions... Indipendently for each minion... Too much time.

5) The Tricks rule talks about "simple contest". Is it a "simple contest" with all the contests rule (impairment for the losers, glory rewards, heroes that go in the contest even if they don't call for it... And others)? And what if an NPC tries to do a Trick against the standard opposition? (an Antagonist tha rolls against himself??)

Paolo D.