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Author Topic: My game idea [Village]  (Read 1192 times)
« on: November 30, 2009, 08:37:44 PM »

This game is a mix of a hard core RTS (real time strategy) and the realistic features of a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).  The idea of the game is to protect your castle that you and your guild and nation members built.  Like a RTS you can build, manage and support other allies.  You also have your own player and his skills and abilities just like an MMORPG.  There are quest and monsters to defeat so it isn?t all about the PVP (Player vs Player).  You have an over view of your castle (If lord) you will have full control over the Military in the castle.  Some other objectives to the game is to gather resources for your nation.  This is done by stealing, protecting nation mines, taking other nations mines, and destroying other castles (whole nations also).  If you don?t like the idea of PVP or and of the RTS stuff you can also go out on your own.  Other nations can provide you with gold as a mercenary if you decide to take that path.  Their will be more to this game I just haven?t thought of it yet.

This is a idea that I have had for a long time and I wouldn't mind some feed back on some people who have had some experience with making MMORPG's.  My main goal is to make a mmorpg that has a very open and self controlled type of gameplay.  One were your efforts make the world yours.  I also want the rpg element in the game.  Like a race back story to maybe tie all the pvp together.  I don't want a Guild Wars type of pvp were you just do arena fights over and over again.  I want it to have a political background as well.  For example:  Lets say you and your guild have allies that are near a keep that you are assaulting.  You can call them to back you up in the fight.  Or maybe you can pay another guild that isn't a Allie to help you in a fight.  something else that I want in the game is a economy system in the game for your guild.

These are my idea's and I want to know if you think that a game like this would really sell or do you think that this type of game would be to complicated for normal players?

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« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2009, 03:16:12 AM »

I've gotten the impression that this isn't exactly a site for distinct online games, even though a few may glide through, occasionally.
I mainly write this, because i don't want a post to go unanswered, as it seems you might've been otherwise (i might be wrong, but i don't count on it).

You see, i'm far from a MMORPG expert, i've barely even played one, but bear with me anyway.

What you describe,sound more to me like a MMORPG, with added elements of RTS, or, i think it is better to think in those terms, to make it more understandable, and graspable, for Players.

......I do wonder, have you really thought this through?
I mean, i like the mix myself, but there are several broblems that probably WILL show up during actual play:
 *An RTS builds on that your Forces do what they are supposed to do, but if your Forces are a lot of MMORPG'ers, then this reliability ..... cannot be as well counted on.
 * Jealousy. This occurs if there are some that only is MMORPG'ers, and not RTS,ers as well, and you might need those, in order to call it MMORPG-kind of play.
 * Or, your Game really cannot be MMORPg-like, if all players are supposed to be RTS-ers as well, for in order to make room for enough people for a MMORPG, You'll have to get down to Knight's level, and those were usually not in charge of much at all, but ....to charge, that is... .
 * Knight Leader might work for a really "Small" MMORPG, or even more appropriate, Baron, but then, you also leave the MMORPG behind you, and enters "just" Multiplayer Area.

My suggestion is, think about it a while more, and during that time you'll hopepefully find a more fitting Forum than this.


And, to the Moderator,, if i am wrong about that this Forum really isn't for these kinds of Games, then please comment it in a reply to this thread.
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