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T.O.G. Entertainment Inc. adds “PRINT ON DEMAND” Capabilities

Started by Togman1, May 01, 2009, 06:08:50 PM

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T.O.G. Entertainment Inc., publisher of Shattered Sword Fantasy Battle Card Game, has added "PRINT ON DEMAND" capabilities in the form of Superior POD.

"It was the right move for us. Bringing our printing needs in house gives us greater control over our product lines and allows us to service our customers better" Jim Mauro, President of T.O.G. Entertainment Inc., said.

In addition to standard print on demand service and after over a year of research and development Superior POD has developed a system with specialized equipment, unique to Superior POD, to produce the highest quality playing card decks for the print on demand market available anywhere.

Our specialized equipment ensures the best possible registration to the card artwork giving unmatched quality to the finished product. Pricing for the card decks includes shrink wrapped deck in a shrink wrapped tuck box with folded instruction sheet. We also have the capabilities to produce point-of-purchase (POP) displays for the deck box. Our pricing guide is for a standard 54 card deck but we can do any size deck that is required.  However, the most exciting product that Superior POD has to offer is the ability to produce foil or mylar booster packs.

In addition, Superior POD can handle all your other print on demand needs, including the following:

• Perfect Bound Books
• Saddle Stitch Books
• Comic Books
• Gamemaster Screens
• Catalogs
• Novels
• Full Bleed Posters
• Business Cards
• Post Cards

Superior POD is fully operational as of this week and is accepting new clients. Turn around time on most jobs is a few days to one week.

For a complete pricing guide and more detailed information and to request a quote, please visit our website at         


I think that the POD capabilities can be a good option for niche non fiction projects. These can be a tough sell for commercial, but they can do well for the self-publisher who has a way of reaching his/her audience.