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Actual on demand screen printing resource.

Started by Seth M. Drebitko, May 01, 2010, 04:12:40 PM

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Seth M. Drebitko

I just wanted to give those who would like to use merchandise to support their game a heads up about a new service. <a target="_blank" href="">Get On-Demand Screen Printing</a>.

I don't work for this company I have been in contact back and forth with the owner for a while we he was setting up this division of his screen printing operation. Basically how things work is you pay a set up fee for them to prepare their screens ($30 a color) then beyond the first design you pay monthly for warehousing of screens up to $50 a month. The reason I wanted to post up for you folks is that for the grand opening today they are offering the $50 monthly account level for a single lifetime payment of $50. Again I am not affiliated with the company beyond being a customer and just wanted to point out a limited time resource for people.
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