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Author Topic: Quests of Crocania  (Read 1464 times)

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« on: February 19, 2010, 06:56:23 AM »

First a introduction. I am known in the indie game world as hallsofvallhalla. I know some of you here, many I do not. I have created several browser based games, many RPGS and I have a tutorial series and forums that teaches people how to make their own browser based MMORPG. I have been playing Pen and Paper RPGS for about 21 years now and a Indie-Developer for about 4.

 I have a new game fixing to be released into alpha and I need some testers. Alpha will be a closed one. I need a select few people. Here is a little on the game.

Quests of Crocania is my latest web browser game. It is a non graphical Text based game. It is more simple to play than a MUD but still has RPG elements.  Players explore, build, quest, and fight in an immense world known as Crocania. There are 3600 explorable areas per zone and currently 4 zones. 12 zones are planned after beta and the option to add well over 50 zones per server.

(pre-Alpha Screen)

 I wrote the engine in about a 2 week span. It has several features now with many more to come. 

Player owned Houses
Player Owned shops
Town System
Rings and Amulets
Weapons and armor with a strength and weakness system
Message system
Chat system
Exploration system
Living growing world
Quest system

and many more not listed or coming soon

 Currently the game is in Pre-Alpha but I am opening alpha applications early. You can PM your app here or just post them in this topic. The forums for the game are at indie-resource.com in the members game section but to not tae away anything from these forums I will discuss the game in this thread as well.

 It is important to remember that I am building a text based browser game here. No flashy graphics. It is a fun RPG type game where you build your character and become part of the world. You can choose to become a merchant and buy shops or become a king and build towns, or even a guild master. One main building block I wanted to design in this game was simplicity. Have all the features of a good open ended RPG but make the learning curve and GUI simple.

 Pre-Alpha will contain a few features, most listed, and be a basic testing of the server and system. All testers will be rewarded and some may win a shop or mayor of current towns.

Internet Browser preference:
Have you tested any of my games before:
if so which one(s):
Ron Edwards
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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2010, 08:50:32 AM »

Hi there, and welcome.

Since a new arrival at the Forge cannot receive private messages, I'm posting here to say that I'll move this thread to the Connections forum, where it fits better, in a day or so. If you'd like to post about your own experiences playtesting this game, then yes, post in this forum, but an announcement and call for playtesters goes into Connections. You don't have to do anything; I'll move it, and it's no big deal.

Best, Ron

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« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2010, 11:30:02 AM »

ah sorry about that. Please do move it. Well if I can't be PM'd here then email me at hallsofvallhalla@yahoo.com or just post here. Thanks!
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