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Author Topic: [Badass City] stumped for effect mechanics  (Read 6163 times)

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« Reply #30 on: March 05, 2010, 12:49:37 PM »

Okay just making sure.  It didn't seem clear to me in the description.

Both Bring the Pain and Pull Some Crazy Shit allow you to inflict harm, but BtP doesn't let you pull a crazy-ass or inadvisable stunt (changing position if you want), and PSCS doesn't let you physically dominate someone, etc. While many of the Moves' effects overlap, none of them match up completely. I have no intent or desire to balance them, and it's up to the players to take advantage of that. You have to pick a Move that has the combination of allowed effects that you want -- which is going to change radically from situation to situation.

I ran a playtest yesterday, playing through three scenes. I'm preparing a post on it. Josh, I'd like to invite you to continue that line of discussion in the new thread once I've posted it. We had a scene centering around a badass plumber fixing a leak.


Check out my game Age Past, unique rolling system, in Beta now.  Tell me what you think!

Jeff Mechlinski
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