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Author Topic: new draft of final stand  (Read 2576 times)
Tim Denee

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« on: August 03, 2002, 01:49:57 AM »

Final Stand again

Not a whole lot changed. Added in a "basic resolution section", put in the skill mechanics devised by Bailywolf. Cleaned up a typo or two (incidentally, if you see a typo, drop me a line).

Bailywolf, with regards to combos: cool idea (again). I'd like to test the system as it stands first, but I'll definitely, definitely keep it in mind. I think it'll just be one combo technique per character, with a separate list to choose from.
Another possiblity is to make combos rewards, with the characters starting out with none; I like the idea of characters being able to string more and more combos together as they progress (kind of a video game thing goin' on).

Speaking of rewards, I've realized they can cover a whole lot of things, so I'd like to include a paragraph in the game going over some of the more important ones (how to gain a new style/form through rewards, how to increase your existing style/form's technique repertoire through rewards, and so on).
I'd still like to flesh out the styles/forms with full descriptions. Oh, and I need more information included about opponents; how to make 'em, specifically. I guess that stuff'll have to wait for the next draft, though.

Edit: gotta be careful about abbreviating Final Stand to FS; that abbreviation is reserved for Feng Shui, and considering how similar the games are it could get very confusing...
Tim Denee

Posts: 154

« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2002, 12:06:06 AM »

Just 'cos I love y'all, some more goodies:

Character sheet
Chi/Standing quick reference sheet
Technique/ability quick reference sheet (in handy-dandy alphabetical order)

The above have been added to the end of the main document. Thoughts? (especially on the character sheet; is it too busy?)

Notice that the character sheet has areas, like a play-mat, for you to roll the relevant kind of dice on; so you keep (for example) your four dice on the punch area, then grab and roll 'em. Easy.

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« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2002, 09:42:56 AM »

The extras look GREAT.  I love the sheet...very KERPLOW!, BIFF! BAMF!. BOOM!

I love the play may element of the CS...it highlights the heavy gameist elements- a VERY good thing here.  

Also, what you've done with the skill suggestion is better than I imagined it.  A simple list of actiony skills like you have now is perfect and unambiquous.  

Frankly I can't wait to give it a whirl... My fiance has been after me to introduce here to RPG's but I've been having a tough time finding something to hook her in that has some familiar touchstones in the mechanics... a heavy gamist peach like FinS might just do the trick.  I'll post it in Actual Play if it works out well.

Looking forward to seeing some more.  

A sample adventure (with locations, levels, mobs, and Heavies would be cool).

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« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2002, 05:35:27 PM »

First, I'd just like to mention one other well-supported indie Fighting rpg:  Thrash

Regarding Bailywolf's suggestion of combos:  in actual play it's hard enough trying to land *any* blow, much less trying to do an interrupted series!  But making a special move have a  prerequisite of 3 Punches should be playable.
But then there might need to be a Counter to balance this: maybe if a foe successfully hits you with a Punch (noting your prerequisite of 3 punches), he can reduce the amount of damge you would have taken in order to remove 1 from your prerequisiste meter.

  I don't want to make myself sound like an expert on this game, but I have to emphasize that there are already a heck of a lot of options available on your turn, especially when you're thinking ahead several turns.
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