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Author Topic: Ygg TOC Sketch  (Read 2772 times)
Christoffer Lernö

Posts: 822

« on: August 06, 2002, 10:25:31 PM »

I'm trying to design Ygg from a specification now, working myself top down from a TOC to detailed rules. Or that's the plan anyway. Here's a snapshop of my progress.

    Power - To Kick Ass
       Speed - To Move Quickly
       Toughness - To Take Pain
       Hexpower - Witchery Power
       Senses - Paying Attention
       Bravery - Daring And Other Guts
       Willpower - Resisting Lures And Temptations
       Intelligence - Figuring Out Things And Being Clever
       Leadership - Telling Others What To Do And Make Them Do It
       Beauty - Knocking People Out At A Glance
       Health - Feeling Well[/list:u]
       Powers & Skills
       Minimum Stat Requirements
       Starting Abilities
       Level of Mastery[/list:u]
    Using Weird Points
       Converting A Die Roll Failure to Success
       Preventing Damage Due To A Roll
       Risk Breaker – Trying the Impossible
       Cannot Use Weird When:
    Karma Resolution
          Damage or Failure is Certain before Action is Taken[/list:u]
    Skills & Powers
    Skills and Un-skills
    What Is A Skill
          What Is An Un-skill
          Basic Skills
          Racial Skills & Un-skills
          Languages (take as many as you like)[/list:u]
       Powers & Abilities
    Martial Skills
          Magical Powers
          Other Talents[/list:u]
       Martial Skills
    Benefits of Learning Unarmed Martial Skill
          Benefits of Learning Thrown Weapons Martial Skill
          Benefits of Learning Martial Skill of Bows and other Ranged Weapons
          Benefits of Learning Martial Skill of Close Combat Weapons[/list:u]
       Other Talents
    Pyrotechnicalchemy (Dwarven)
          Mechanical Locks, Traps & Other Things Of Use
          Legend Lore
          Seals, Amulets, Wards & Majik[/list:u]
    What Pranja Is
          Pranja Powers[/list:u]
       Magical Rune Arts
       Mystic Powers
       Goblin Talents
    Speaker of All Languages
          Immunity to Disease and Poisons[/list:u]
       The Dwarven Powers of Creation
    How To Use
       Demonic Magic
    How Learn & How It Works
          Different Types: Summons, Powers & Spells
          How To Cast A Spell
          How To Summon A Being
          How To Use A Power[/list:u]
       Demonic Corruption and Change
    Gaining Taint
          Sealing off Taint
    Sacrificing Limbs
             Magical Fetters
             Sealing Runes[/list:u]
          Changes and Corruption
    When Changes Happen
             Temporary Changes[/list:u]
          Demon Form[/list:u]
       Unusual Traits
    Having A Unusual Trait[/list:u]
    Character Improvment
    Gaining Experience
       Jumping Up A Level
       Increasing Stats
       Increasing Skills
       Buying New Powers & Abilities[/list:u]
    Actions & Resolution
    What Is An Action?
       Opposed & Unopposed Actions
       Resolution through Fortune
       Resolution through Karma
       Advantage and Disadvantage
       Describing Success and Failure[/list:u]
    Holding back or hitting hard
       Improvising Combat Attacks
       Ordering Combat
       Hurt Others In Combat
       Everything Else In Combat
       Life and Death
    Dealing Out Damage
          Knocking People Out
          Killing Stuff[/list:u]
       Other Ways To Hurt[/list:u]
    Things of Magic
    Demonic Powers
          Improvising Powers
          Demonic Effects[/list:u]
       Demonic Tricks and Spells
          Changing Spells & Other Disasters[/list:u]
    Elementals (Earth, Fire, Air, Water)
             Demons Greater and Minor[/list:u]
          Earth Bound Spirits (Earth, Wind, Water)   
          Summoning New Demons[/list:u]
       Troll Powers
          True Seeing
          Far Seeing
          Animal Speak[/list:u]
       Witchling Powers
          Animal Speak[/list:u]
       Witchling Runes and Body Painting
    Spirit Glyphs
          Warding Glyphs
          Glyphs of Power[/list:u]
       Dwarven Runes and Tattoos
    Eye Of Power
          Skin Of Stone
          Mystic Protection[/list:u][/list:u]
    Danger Wyrd
          Legend Wyrd[/list:u]
       Wyrd of People and Monsters[/list:u]
    Other Races & Monsters
    Hobgoblin Powers
          Ogre Powers
          Creating An Ogre[/list:u]
       Dragons & Wyrms
    How Dragons Grow Up[/list:u]
       The Dark
          Other Bad Things In The Night
          The Source Of The Dark
          Darkling Artifacts[/list:u][/list:u]
    Rare Monsters
    Goddesses & Gods[/color]

formerly Pale Fire
[Yggdrasil (in progress) | The Evil (v1.2)]
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Indie-Netgaming member

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« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2002, 08:11:23 AM »

It is hard to judge a game based on the table of contents, but I would say you have an ambitious game plan. The organization seems clear and the sections headings evocative.

I know from looking at your website that you have already put some work into this game, and I definitely like the flavor. No generic, wishy-washy settings here. It reminds me of some older fantasy games, but hopefully without the weird mechanics.

I look forward to further developments.


Matt Machell

Posts: 477

« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2002, 08:43:08 AM »

Something that occurs is you're going for a lot of the what, rather than the how in that TOC. As long as this is just for personal reference, then it's not a problem, but if you were to base a book off it, it would be less useful.


Christoffer Lernö

Posts: 822

« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2002, 02:22:10 AM »

Yeah Matt, maybe I should have made it more clearly that these headings are for the game development purposes and not for actual use in the book. They're supposed to describe what things are about so that I remember what I already decided on :)

formerly Pale Fire
[Yggdrasil (in progress) | The Evil (v1.2)]
Ranked #1005 in meaningful posts
Indie-Netgaming member
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