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Rules for the Playtesting forum

Started by Ron Edwards, March 23, 2006, 03:03:38 AM

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Ron Edwards

This is really just another Actual Play forum with a special eye toward design. For those of you interested in the ideas worked out here at the Forge over the last few years, it's an excellent place to discuss their applications as well. (And don't forget to check out RPG Theory Review)

As with any discussions of actual play, it helps to describe both real-people interactions and experiences as well as fictional material.

Any questions about what this forum is for? Ask them here in this thread, or ask me by private message.

Best, Ron


Where do we post material that we want others to playtest?
Guy Shalev.

Cranium Rats Central, looking for playtesters for my various games.
CSI Games, my RPG Blog and Project. Last Updated on: January 29th 2010

Ron Edwards

That'd be Connections, as you describe it - "Here it is, play it, thanks."

Alternately, if you want the thread dedicated to discuss some aspect of the material in the thread, use First Thoughts.


Darren Hill

If you're playing someone else's game, and you write up a play report, do you post it here or in Actual Play?

Ron Edwards

Boy, I don't know how much more clear I can make this point. I've tried in the indicia for the forums on the front page and I've tried in the introductory stickies. Let me try one more time.

If you're posting about playtesting, then post it here in this forum.

All other variables are totally irrelevant. One such variable is whether the author was involved in the game. I'm saying that's irrelevant. So, the point is, it doesn't matter whether the author was involved. If you're posting about playtesting, then post it here in this forum.

Best, Ron