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I need a German translation of my game for Spiel Essen

Started by Eero Tuovinen, May 14, 2010, 02:49:06 PM

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Eero Tuovinen

Related to my Spiel project, Jari reminded me that we should get the rules of Zombie Cinema translated into German. Most rpg fans at the Spiel will probably have workable English, but Zombie Cinema as a boardgame-like rpg happens to have a short rules-text that'll be easy to translate - it's no longer than your average boardgame rulebook, just a couple of sheets. I figure that having the game's rules-text in German might be a selling-point for some fraction of the audience, especially as ZC will likely be a lead product for the non-roleplaying boardgamer audience we'll inevitably face. The game components have some small language content, but nothing that'll prevent your average boardgamer from playing once he gets the rules.

So: if somebody with fluent German would like to help me get a German translation of the game's rules and board, I'd be glad. I'm not necessarily looking for the sort of elaboration we've had with Christoph Boeckle's French translation, but a basically correct rules-text that uses correct German boardgaming terminology would be nice. I'd especially appreciate attention to language detail, as I can always get one of my brothers to muddle up a bad German translation based on their half-forgotten fourth language studies, but for a slick text we'll need a native editor at least.

If somebody with good German-language skills wants to help out and doesn't yet have the game, let me know and I'll get one sent to you. We're in no hurry schedule-wise with this yet, of course, but might as well get this out of the way early.
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Hey Eero,

I'd be eager to help you with that :)
I'm a German native and I've just spent 2 years in England so I think my language skills are sufficient.

Please consider writing me an email, I do not look into this forum too often.
My email address is jojospicker [at]

Best Wishes

Christoph Boeckle


I could do a proof-reading of the German rules once they're translated, to see if they convey the English rules finer points, but I'm not particularly skilled in German grammar.


Eero Tuovinen

Most excellent, seems that we have an ample supply of potential translators. I'll contact Teppich about this to begin with, as he's apparently considering coming to Spiel himself. I'll let him defend his translation at the convention himself ;) We will see what comes of it.
Blogging at Game Design is about Structure.
Publishing Zombie Cinema and Solar System at Arkenstone Publishing.