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Author Topic: Art for Malevolence  (Read 2376 times)

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« on: August 21, 2002, 01:33:04 PM »

I'm getting close to complete on my http://kuoi.asui.uidaho.edu/~kamikaze/DUDE/Malevolence.html">Malevolence setting (still need to finish the gear and a few other parts, and playtest the sample adventure before I add it to the page), and I could really use some decent art for it.  It's freeware, so I can't offer any money, but if any artists are interested in helping out and getting seen, I'd appreciate it.

I need a dark but realistic tone; gritty comic-book style would be acceptable.  I'd prefer B&W - it's on a web page, so color images would show up fine there, but most people will print it in B&W.  Plus, B&W usually looks moodier.  If you can make a color image that prints acceptably and doesn't look lurid, that's fine.

All should be visible if scaled to a 480x480 image at most, though larger originals are fine.

Rough sketches first, please.

What I would like, ideally:

    Cover illustration:
    Laboratory; walls lined with tables, with various lab gear on them.
    Left side: Hideous mutated human, desperate pleading look on its face, dead body of a scientist at its feet.  Appearance of the mutant is up to you.
    Right side: Security guard with a pistol (Glock?) pointed at the mutant.
    Right, front: Scientist throwing a beaker at the mutant.

    Piled-up corpses of a motorcyclist, a cop, a woman in a business suit, a fat phone technician, and a young boy.

    A satchel filled with guns and grenades.

    A psycho with a fire axe laying into someone we can't quite see out of frame.

    Sewers, with an insectile monster looking up at a manhole.

    Characters (the corpses from above?  They don't have to be seen up close) high-fiving & hugging each other next to an insectile monster's corpse, seen through a crack in a wall, with a clutch of eggs in the near foreground on our side of the wall.

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