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Can a game designer work for all three (G/N/S)?

Started by deadpanbob, September 10, 2002, 01:42:53 PM

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Quote from: Mike Holmes
Oh, no you don't, people still owe me playtests!

But, um, yes, in general, you'll find that often people are willing to do playtesting for you here. Often theoretically in exchange for playtesting thier games. Thoretically...

But I'm not bitter...




If you've got a game that needs playtesting, I'm happy to help out...


"Oh, it's you...

Ron Edwards


Quick check then:
- Jason = nipdip etc
- Jeremy = deadpanbob

Two "J" guys joining up more or less at the same time, both enthusiastic posters to the GNS forum ... OK, I'm old.

Tangents about names and plaints about playtesting aside, I'm pretty sure we've hammered out what needed discussing about this topic. If anyone wants to continue, please make it clear what you're asking/claiming, and that's cool. But usually, when a thread starts to meander like this, it's time to tuck it in and let it lie.


Mike Holmes

To clarify, Ron, I think that you have those two names reversed.

As far as the topic, I think that the thread might be petering out, but that this is a subject that we've really only scratched the surface of. I hope it pops up again in potential designs.

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