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New Yahoo playtesting group for Warriors of the Cosmos

Started by Norbert Franz, September 30, 2002, 11:06:06 PM

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Norbert Franz

I just started a new Yahoo Group for Cynthia Miller's Warriors of the Cosmos setting, one of the more fleshed out cartoon show settings in the Cartoon Action Hour RPG.
I will act as List Moderator and GM, and I want to conduct a full adventure scenario there on the list, as play-by-post.
"Warriors" is being finished and edited as we speak, and as things are now there is a high likelihood that the whole "Warriors" sourcebook that Cynthia and I were writing is going to see the light of day as part of the forthcoming CAH paper-book, that is, both the CAH rules and Warriors of the Cosmos together as one book.

I definitely need a few more players with whacky ideas, a sense of humour and creative input. Basic info on the "Warriors" series is available on the site, under the following address:

Cynthia Miller is also on this list, watching the general goings-on.
Let's have fun with this.

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