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Same game, different players, different rules?

Started by Walt Freitag, September 10, 2002, 09:04:22 PM

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Quote from: Emily Care

Sim traits, of course, would give you power to develop world elements.

Ahh - the lightbulb goes on!  I'm wet-behind-the-ears in "how long have you been on the Forge" terms, and I was having trouble conceptualizing what would facilitate Simulationist play.

Thanks Emily - that clears up another muddle in my personal understanding of G/N/S


"Oh, it's you...

Emily Care

No problem, Jason. :) That's just how I see it, too (IMHO and all that). I don't know what consensus might say.

The way we play, any trait can function this way, (give you sim/nar/gamist power) but that's because we share narrative almost completely in our gaming.  So, the traits are just tools that we wield at need.  (I don't really think in terms of discreet traits anymore either. But anyway...)

So, the mechanics you're looking for could be ones that farm out that power based on what you "buy" during character gen.

--Em Care
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