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Do you ever wonder what's the point?

Started by Sylus Thane, October 18, 2002, 08:05:50 PM

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In that case, Sylus, I suggest checking out the following thread for some inspiration of like sort: Why do my best ideas come when I'm busiest?
A number of the answers give advice akin to what you're looking for, even turned on their heads since the initial situation is different. You can check out my reply therein, as I believe it applies equally to being in a slump.
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Kester Pelagius

Quote from: Sylus ThaneHere we all are sitting and designing but there is nothing really out there that helps when you hit your wall or know what to do when you hit a slump.

A bunch of articles pertaining to Game Design can be found here in the RPG.NET columns area.

Hope they are of some help to you.

Kind Regards.
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