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d20 Solo Adventuring

Started by rpghost, October 22, 2002, 12:08:03 AM

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Emily Care

Quote from: Jack Spencer JrI suspect you have an idea for this and if so I would very much like to see it. :)

Thanks, Jack. Just a nibble of an idea really.  It struck me as I read about Arabian nights and so on that part of what makes these games so g_d-awful unwieldy is the massive amounts of charts, etc.  The dichotomy of wanting it to be simple and playable, yet flexible and multi-faceted could be answered by having a system for assigning stats to what's encountered as you go along.  A generative system rather than masses of background.  Association webs could be used to allow the solo player to create their own challenges yet not have that "how do you tickle yourself" problem.

I'm more interested in a narrative oriented solo-game, anyway. Like playing Once Upon a Time alone, but crossed with Sorcerer. :) If you have any thoughts on this, I'd be interested to hear.

--Emily Care

sorry if this is OT. If there's interest let's start a new thread.
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