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A non-Edwards review! of Inspectres! Check it.

Started by Clinton R. Nixon, August 17, 2001, 02:57:00 AM

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Clinton R. Nixon

Yup, I reviewed something.

I recently played Inspectres at GenCon, and it rocked my world. So I got the first non-Ron review here. Go read and weep that Jared Sorensen's not running Inspectres for you. :smile:
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Ron Edwards

I should like to point out that Clinton and I have a shared view of what a Forge review is all about. The standards for reviews here are NOT public at this time. When they become public, then submissions will be taken.

Please don't mistake Clinton's review as open season for popping up reviews. The Forge review policy is NOT the same as's.


Clinton R. Nixon

What Ron said is true. I was pretty delirious from writing when I made that post, and it may have come off wrong.

Anyway: we will be posting a review policy soon, and then will take submissions. It's not going to be a free-for-all, and I can promise you you'll never see a review on the Forge from someone who hasn't played the game.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games