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Author Topic: Party at My Place  (Read 2274 times)
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« on: December 03, 2002, 07:52:51 AM »

It's our annual winter solstice party, coming up here the 21st, from sunset on Saturday to sunrise on Sunday.  If you're in or can get to Western Mass that weekend, please come!

There'll be vegetarian Indian food in quantity, prepared lovingly by yours truly, including (if tradition holds) some kind of unholy vindaloo and more gulab jamun than any gang of people could reasonably eat.  We'll play normal games (Pit for sure, Cranium probably, who knows what else) and party-type roleplaying games (maybe Matchmaker, Bedlam, Hellcab if I have my way) through the wee hours.  We'll watch the super-duper-extended Fellowship, natch, and finish up with beer batter pancakes and eggs.  Come for some or all of the night!  Bring a sleeping bag if you want to crash!

We don't smoke, but we've got a couple of kittens, if that's an issue.

For directions or more info, drop me a line.

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