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Author Topic: Image Gallery  (Read 1636 times)
Matt Gwinn
Acts of Evil Playtesters

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« on: December 05, 2002, 12:24:59 PM »

Many gamers (me in particular) need a visual stimulus to really get into a character.  Having a picture of your wrestler makes it a lot easier to envision how a match looks.  Therefore, I have painstakenly gathered over 100 images from dozens of Japanese and independent wrestling promotion web sites and posted them on my site.  

This should give you and your players plenty of pics to choose from when creating your characters.  Feel free to send me some of your own if you would like to add to the gallery.

I haven't put a link on my site yet, basicly because I'm not sure about copyright issues.  I did, after all, take all those images from other web sites.  I'm not charging for them and I'm not using them to advertise, so I'm not sure where I stand legally.  Anyone know?

Anyway, my Yahoo group and the Forge will be the only ones I give the link to.  And here it is:



Kayfabe: The Inside Wrestling Game
On sale now at
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