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Author Topic: The riddle of sorceror?  (Read 5000 times)

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« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2003, 12:09:49 AM »

I'd also been thinking of porting Sorcery magic into TROS.

One thing that is often talked about in Fantasy Writing workshops is that magic should have a cost.  It should be more than just a special effect, but something that contributes to the story/atmosphere/theme/etc.

Unfortunatly, the idea of magic having a cost is largely ignored by most RPGs (except possibly the really watered-down cost of having to spend time studying--which doesn't really contribute to the story).

Both TROS and Sorcery do a good job of introducing the idea of magic having a cost. However, the humanity issues in Sorcery are much more interesting to me than the ageing of TROS.

Yes, aging is bad for your character. But the slow bleeding away of a character's humanity gets to the heart of the type of stories I want to tell. I like stories that explore the nature of good and evil. That force the players to make hard decisions, and to make sacrifices.

And a humanity-loss mechanics could probably mix quite elegantly with the SAs.

Besides, I've been in love with demon-based magic mechanics ever since I read one of the original editions of Stormbringer (the game, not the book--though I loved that as well), oh far to many years ago.


p.s. I would be interested in seeing the Ars-style magic as well, since I've always loved that game. But I'm not sure it would add much over the existing TROS magic system.

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