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Critical Miss

Started by Brian Leybourne, January 12, 2003, 06:30:14 PM

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Brian Leybourne

They don't say all that much about the game, but the guys at Critical Miss magazine apparently played Sorcerer at an Irish convention recently, and had nice things to say about it.

You can read about it here.

Brian Leybourne

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Ron Edwards

Thanks Brian! I popped'em up at the website. Wonder who that GM was ...?

Also, note that they did the Wraith-style thing in which the demons are player-characters too. This has been batted about as a possibility since the early days of the game. I've always shied away from it, personally, because I dislike the idea of identifying with (protagonizing) the demons in the same way as with characters.

Has anyone else tried it? Any notions on how to work it?


P.S. See the old Demon PCs discussion from the 1997-1999 mailing list.


If I read correctly, half the group ran the sorcerers, the other half ran the demons... a more Wraith like thing would have been to have each player run their sorcerer and another player's demon.  

The first option- demons as full PC's- could work, but demands the demons be protagonized.  This can work depending on the nature of demons and sorcery in the game.... but not to my taste exactly.

The second option might actually be pretty durned neat if properly managed.  Players draw lots randomly to see who's demon they end up with, and some kind of metagame currency can reward players who do a good job running the other bloke's demon... I can see problems arising in some groups however, as players collude to get the most out of their demons or use control of a demon to give another player a hard time.   Perhaps simply having a GM willing to intervene occasionaly to either throw a player a bone or to chastise...

I have never used this myself, but I can see it working very well... and I can see it turning into a big mess.  I'd love to hear some actual play from someone who has tried it though.