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Author Topic: Phoenix Dawn  (Read 1512 times)
Shade Cydel

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« on: February 03, 2003, 12:12:58 AM »

I've been designing a role playing game for the last few years. Recently I completed the Players Hand Book, Magic Tomb, Guide To Phoenix Dawn (detailed maps of continents & cities), and the Monsters Manual. I am currently working on the Players Operation Guide (The DMG), Racial Hand Books, and Class Handbooks. When I originaly went to Wizards, a few years ago, they were accepting new Role Playing Systems. Now thay the game is close to completion, I find Wizards are no longer accepting RPG's.

I have been Hosting Games in Minnesota for several years now, and have collected a vast ammount of gammers from the D&D system. I KNOW for a fact that this format will sell, however I am in need of sponsorship, and Publishing.

If there is anyone who has information or, would like to colaborate playing formats to possibly form a new Label, please E-mail or contact me.

Walk to the edge of a cliff... jump off.. and build your wings on the way down!

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« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2003, 04:58:50 AM »

Welcome to the Forge, Shade!

First, since you're apparently new here, I would point you to two essays that you should probably read, both by Ron Edwards, co-maintainer of the site:

http://www.indie-rpgs.com/articles/9/">Fantasy Heartbreakers

http://www.indie-rpgs.com/articles/10/">More Fantasy Heartbreakers

Now, I haven't seen your game, but I believe that these apply to it, and they're a good read in any case.

As to publishing, you may not have noticed but there's an entire discussion board here devoted just to that.  This board is for the design of games.  In addition, in the same Articels section where the above are located, there are some items relevant to publishing you may wish to look through.  


Jasper McChesney
Primeval Games Press
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