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The Official Scattershot Reading List

Started by Le Joueur, February 13, 2003, 07:12:58 PM

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Le Joueur

This is The Official Scattershot Reading List.  As a Forum 'topper,' I intend to keep modifying it's content to keep it as up-to-date as possible; feel free to add comments below (just make sure when coming to the thread cold that you acknowledge I may correct things per your request).  This is as close as we are to a playable version of Scattershot; use at your own risk.  (But please tell me about it!)

First the Crunchy Bits:
    Just the Mechanix used to reach group consensus of 'what happens' in the game.
    The (preliminary) UE Chart to encode/decode 'normal things' to game system entities.
    Scattershot Gaming Model to basically steer 'how to play.'[/list:u]Then there's all those pesky Emergent Techniques:
      About the Game in General:
      Genre Expectations are the 'blueprint' for each game.
      Who's in Charge? talks about some of the game-specific social dynamics.
      Challenge and King Solomon's Auction for settling participant disputes.
      Creating Detail talks about the interface between Mechanix and imagination.
      The Suspense is Killing Me introduces some of the basics of keeping play interesting.
      Experience Dice and Genre Expectations shows how the Mechanix keep the game 'focused' and some of how Approaches are kept consistent.[/list:u]
      How to Handle Personae:
        Sine Qua Non says what you want as a player (via your primary Proprietorship).
        (The Gaming Model and) an Ambitious Approach... goes into more detail about how to interface different 'styles of play.'
        Mystiques and Intrigue introduces the 'meat' of play.[/list:u]
        And from 'The Old Days' (Nearly an Emergent Technique):
          Ye ole' Dynamic Status Quo is an article about game management.[/list:u][/list:u]Finally a Few Examples:
            Here is our first example of combat in Scattershot, hot off our 'development' website.

            Here's one about using Star Wars: A New Hope as an example of 'non-control' gamemastering and then further exploration of this style.[/list:u]You'll also need to find or make a Genre Expectation.  I've got four in the works, publicly (and I really need to pick that up where I left off), they are:
              Cosmic Zap! - Ron Edwards' look at seventies space comics.
              Explorative Science Fiction - Mike Holmes' conversion of his current Traveller, his GURPS Space, his home brew?
              An Angle on Angels - A look at being the agents in a 'secret Armageddon.'
              'Not Quite' Jack in the Beanstalk for gaming in the lands of western færie tales.[/list:u]According to one of our editors, all you'll need after these is a bit on the MIB mechanisms and a nice rundown of the basic rolls in Scattershot and you'll be ready to play.  I'll get right on that one...sometime...soonish.  Yeah, right; how fast does grass grow?

              Fang Langford
              Fang Langford is the creator of Scattershot presents: Universe 6 - The World of the Modern Fantastic.  Please stop by and help!