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Slightly off-topic, Seattle-specific party post

Started by Jeffrey Miller, February 05, 2003, 12:35:25 AM

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Jeffrey Miller

[My hosuemates and I are throwing a big party in a couple weeks, and I though I'd invite anyone from The Forge who might be interested in stopping by and schmoozing with us.  It's a mostly gamer/geek crowd, 30-40 people, a little loud (but plenty of quiet corners for real conversation). This is meant mostly for the Seattle-area folks, but if anyone /wants/ to fly in, you're more than welcome *g*]

Hey y'all!  Come shake off the winter blah's for an evening, get the grand tour of the partio, shake yer booty to the Ghostbusters theme song, and help us save on heating bills by warming our new house with your body heat.

Yes, yes, its that time again - Eogan, Saffron, and Kevin are throwing a little soiree to celebrate their new house in Wallingford. As a special treat, and introducing for the first time in Seattle, making his debut appearance as an "el Jefe Party Junior Host", Andrew!

But wait, there's more! In addition to the newly minted host, we'll feature all your old favorites, such as:

- Kevin P spinning tunes both old AND funky (and we don't mean the get down get funky kind, either)
- Iron Bartender Saffamoto will delight and tantalize your taste buds AND liver, as she competes against all comers with the secret ingredient
- Special Guest Joe Zurla, recently back from his Beautification ceremony as the unofficial "Midori Saint" needs only 2 more miracles to qualify for official sainthood.
- Marvel at what we like to call "The Wallingford Memorial Gaming Library" (or, "Those damn books")
- Thrill to the sound of "Oh damn.. sorry about the dice, dude" as someone drops them all over the floor

Bring your favorite poison, your good cheer, something for the stereo BESIDES 80's music, and as many friends as you can cram into the car for this once-in-a-February-2003 event!

Location: 4233 Corliss Ave N, Seattle, WA
When: Saturday, February 15, 7:00pm
Phone: 206.351.3106