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Experienced GMs needed for Ubercon games convention

Started by Ubercon, February 08, 2003, 01:25:07 PM

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Scheduling trends indicate that we may be short of GMs for RPGA events at Ubercon.

We are still actively seeking experienced GMs for the following systems

Big Eyes Small Mouth
Brave New World
Call of Cthulhu
Dragonlance 5th Age
Marvel Super Heroes SAGA
7th Sea
3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons
Star Wars
Vampire the Masquerade

In return for your generous help, we can offer double volunteer credits
as recompense for GMing an RPGA event.

Also if you are experienced in other systems not listed above and are
willing to run them at Ubercon we would still love to hear from you.
However we are only able to offer single volunteer credits for GMing
a non-RPGA event.

For details of volunteer credits please visit

If you are able to attend and can help us out with GMing an event,

please email

with details of which systems you are able to run.

Chris Caley
RPG Co-ordinator and Web Researcher/Publicist



For Call of Cthulhu, I recommend contacting Dustin Wright at Chaosium. He's in charge of their Missionaries for Cthulhu program to provide GMs for conventions.  He can put you into contact with someone in your area who's an experienced GM.
Clay Dowling - Online Campaign Planning and Management


Thank you very much indeed for this.

Much appreciated :)