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Turning it Over to the Players (at times)

Started by Judd, February 24, 2003, 05:50:27 AM

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My Sunday D&D game just hasn't been popping.  I have a lovely group, a lovely set of alternate games that feed my other gaming needs.  It has occurred to me that mayhaps I just don't want to play D&D anymore but this game has been going on for nearly two years now.  

We all deserve some sort of closure for the game.

In the game, the players hatched their leige, a Green Dragon in the first game.

Two years later and they are Green Heralds, 12th level bad-asses, wheeling and dealing for the Green Lady's Jade Empire.

One of the characters get's married weeks after a world war ends and the entire political world shows up.

We do the wedding and we all take a few nations and describe their gifts.

But at the end it just didn't seem to show the political powder keg that the wedding really was.

So, I said to the players, "Write down the name of one of the rulers at the wedding.  This ruler will get assassinated tonight.  The bride will choose the name."

We all wrote down names and the bride chooses one.

Their liege is the name that came up.  Some heartless bastard actually wrote the name of their leige.

The story that came out of that was staggeringly cool as they struggled to keep the Empire they helped create together.

Amazing stuff.

It just reminded me that if we hand something over to the players, the game really starts to take off, go from good to great.