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Author Topic: Uncontrolled Psychic  (Read 2248 times)
Colin Chapman

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« on: February 25, 2003, 05:54:04 PM »

Here's another...

Role: Uncontrolled Psychic
Profile: The powers you have were once weak, but the fools took you, they gave you those tablets and injections, treated you like an experiment. The headaches began, your powers blossomed, powers that you used to escape. But they are still after you, the migraines are getting worse, and you constantly battle to control your powers.
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere
Quote: "Leave... me... alone!"
Mode: Any
Gear: Headache tablets, inconspicuous clothing
Styles: Magic (well, Psychic really)
Skills: Cause things to combust, hurl things with your mind, make people's heads explode, read minds

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