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Inspectres Suiting Up question

Started by markb, March 02, 2003, 02:49:25 PM

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Jared A. Sorensen

Quote from: Drew StevensEr.

Question- how does 'Using the gear in a way that's handy' actually work?

As in, I can understand two ways to read this
A) Put the dice of Gear aside.  When a piece of gear comes in handy, add it into the Franchise dice gained.
B) Gear acts as pure flavor.  People are encouraged to use Gear in the mission, but it's color.

I think you're saying that A is the way you intended, but that's not terribly clear.  At least, to moi. :)


I'm gonna try and explain it, again. :)

Roll technology to build/buy/scrounge an item.

Sometimes, the item is pure color (let's say you're creating your franchise and you want a snazzy sign. The Origins group did this and got a so-so result. It was going to be a really nice, "historic district"-looking hand-painted sign but the roll was only so-so. I narrated that the sign was incomplete. The only letters finished so far were I N S. A second later we all remembered that the franchise was based in San Diego, CA. Hilarity ensues.

Other times, the item is "narrative ammo." Ron established the fact that he bought coffee for the guys. Although the coffee didn't help the mission dice-wise (they rolled a 4, I believe), it did have an effect when thrown at the octopus goddess they were fighting.

This is where Drama resolution comes into play. You determine the monster is affected by salt-water, you buy some super-soakers and fill them with brine. Now you have a weapon that will work on the monsters. No salt water, no success at fighting them. See?
jared a. sorensen /


OK, I think I see how it goes now. Sorry, it was [originally] an innocent question!

Thanks for all the to try it out...



Jared A. Sorensen

No problem, Mark. Your first three posts...and you post in my forum? I can't complain. :)

- J
jared a. sorensen /


QuoteSometimes, the item is pure color (let's say you're creating your franchise and you want a snazzy sign.

Hi Jared, my first experience with Inspectres had a snazzy sign as the reason the media came to interview us...We had a giant pink neon sign that constantly hummed, wailed, and gave cancer to rocks...

In a uppity historical mansion filled neighborhood.

Wait, this is starting to sound like a good location for octaNe...