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Are Polyhedrals More "Fun"?

Started by Keith Sears, March 23, 2003, 11:22:10 PM

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I'm a one dice person. Although it is quite nice to have different shaped dice on the table, when it comes to making the system as transparent as possible, having to hunt through dice types does spoil it a bit.

Having said that, a GM mechanic in my game, Icar, uses a D8, D10 and D12. So I'll shut up then.


Tend to prefer one kind of die. I think this stems from the kind of mechanic I prefer than any aesthetic reason, though.

That said, I really like d12s. I just do. d8s and d20s are ties for second place. Everything else just sort of.. is. Would love to play a game that used mostly d12.
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I'm a "fewer kinds of dice the better" kind of guy. The thing that drove me up the wall about Earthdawn was the Step system requiring totally different dice being rolled together to determine results (D6+D8 one second, then D10+D12 the next). One the other hand, i like rolling fistfuls of dice.

Even D&D confused me less (actually, it didn't confuse me at all). Multiples of dice in the D&D system were usually the same type.

I have piles of dice, mostly D10 and D6. Rarely found a use for a D12, except for the old board game Shogun.

I agree with the hate of d4. Stupid non-rolling pyramids...


I'm in the one type of die, preferably d6 or d10 camp.

However, I'm not terribly adverse to using multiple die types. But for some reason I don't like to use d10s with the other dice--it disrupts their Platonic Soliditude, or whatever.

And I dislike d4s. They make good caltrops, bad dice. And d12s. Too clunky and round (still like d20s though, their un-clunky-ness offsets their roundness).

Rolling d6s and d20s are fun. And d8s should be used more often, because I like them. Okay, enough rambling.

-Jeff S.
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Trevis Martin

Platonic Soliditude...heh  :)

D10's are actually the only one of the group that isn't a platonic solid.  Platonic solids are made of one type of regular (equal sided) polygon.

I also tend to prefer one type, mostly D6's or D10's (although I'm wanting to play sorcerer with d12s  I just like Dodecahedrons.)