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InSpectre'd at last

Started by Ron Edwards, September 08, 2001, 08:58:00 PM

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Ron Edwards


I've been wanting to play this game for too damn long. I even got to watch others play it at GenCon (brilliantly, too).

So, at long last, this past Thursday we fired it up. We even had InSpectres veteran Mario with us.

It's fun. This game really works. The confessionals, the player-driven content, and the kooky finances all play together nicely. One of the players is new to the group and took to it instantly, even playing the key role in the - uh - climax of the scenario.

I took a much more active role in GMing content than Jared did ... I'd noted in his sessions that characters were not using up Card dice, and so I decided to throw a lot more at them. When someone looked for occult books at the library, zombies attacked them. There were a lot more direct threats.

I ran with everything as fast as it arrived. If there are zombies, there's a zombie master. If the zombie master is a professor, then he must have rivals in his discipline. If he has rivals, he must rave about them in a paranoid fashion. Therefore, the players hear about that, and off to see the rivals they go.

As usual, the players wouldn't believe me when I told them I'd prepared NOTHING beyond the initial hook.

My only problem with the game is the tendency for characters to succeed at everything ... and then I remembered that I'd been completely forgetting Stress rolls. Damn! So, factoring that in there, the problem goes away.

(Jared, if your rewrite makes success easier, DON'T DO THAT. Stress makes all the difference as play progresses.)

Everyone should play InSpectres. But first, Jared needs to charge money for it.


Jared A. Sorensen

Thanks, Ron.

Difficulty does not decrease or increase in the new version and Stress rolls remain. Players will have more opportunities to boost their rolls but...ah, but I've said too much already.

Clinton's seen the latest rev. Yes, I will be selling it. Anyone care to do some art?
jared a. sorensen /

James V. West


I've wanted to play InSpecres for a while too, so now that I have a group started...I just might do that!

And I'll you some art. Fire me an email at and let me know what you need.

James V. West



Since everyone's trying to get in on the InSpectres act, I have one but one question...

What do you want to do with NightWatch and ward 13?

I'd be willing to update them if you want to keep them in the family, but I'd understand if not.

Take care,

Jared A. Sorensen

Moosey...totally want them updated. :smile:
jared a. sorensen /