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Request for a Indie Design sticky

Started by Christoffer Lernö, April 13, 2003, 04:19:27 AM

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Christoffer Lernö

There are a few unspoken (well occasionally written down) rules on how to make a good posting on the Forge in general and Indie Game Design in particular.

We went over this earlier in this thread. But now I'm asking myself (and you) if it's not time to make it a sticky in Indie Game Design.

A sticky with the title "A guide on how to present your new game" or something like that would go a long way towards assisting new posters on what is expected. It could also be a helpful checklist for everyone.

I think Ralph and Ron did a pretty good work in previously mentioned thread putting down what is needed for a quality posting, so why not take that and make a sticky out of it?

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Thomas Tamblyn

Thirded.  Best advice is "Make sure you're asking a definite question, and make sure its one which can be answered satisfactorily in less than 2,400 words"

For that matter I think all the forums need a sticky to explain what kind of posts are expected there - the two-line summaries on the index page aren't really enough in my opinion.

Mark Johnson

There seems to be a gradual shift in the Indie Design forum:

1)  The Intended Usage:  to receive input on particular problems on a serious game project.

2)  The Trial Balloon:  I had a cool mechanic/setting idea... here it is.  Anyone interested in a game based on this?

3)  The Gauntlet:  Create Your Own Fantasy Heartbreaker, Iron Game Chef, 24 Hour Game.

Perhaps these last two uses deserve their own forum, perhaps not.  As it is, many of the more interesting discussions have shifted to RPG Theory.

Clinton R. Nixon


This is a Good Idea. I'd like, perhaps, to collect the best forum threads - and by that, I mean the most illustrative - but for now, I'll make this thread sticky.
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Jason Lee

I second the give all forums a state of purpose sticky.
- Cruciel

Ron Edwards

Good call, everyone. Stickies for all forums.

(Um, be patient - we gotta hang out in the smoke-filled room, and all that)


Jack Spencer Jr

Are stickies the way or would a policy blurb or link at the top of the page be better without taking up a valuable thread slot on the front page? I have seen forums that the first page was almost all stickies. I'd rather not see that happen.