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Author Topic: Delay to Second Edition: Supplement Request for Diceless  (Read 4275 times)
Michael Hopcroft

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« on: May 30, 2003, 11:59:05 PM »

I dislkie delaying projects. It makes me feel bad and it makes me look bad. Nontheless, if it turns into a better product at the end 9and hopefully anmore salable one) so much the better.

Thus HeartQuest Second Edition has been pushed back to at least September. the reason is quite simple; blame WotC and their desire to update the D20 System. The chief writer for HQ2 wanted the new book to be compatible with the Version 3,5 SRD, which won;t come out until July. Thus a delay by about two months in the release of the book. The end result will be a better book, but the delay is frustrating.

This does not mean a shortage of product. The new release of HeartQuest Diceless has opened up opportuntites for supplemental material for that systenm. Already we are expecting a mid=july release for the first diceless campaign supplement, Closet of Broken Dreams. And a general supplement on magical girls, Cute Fighters, is in the works which will include the brand-new "Cute Fighter Sagittarius" campaign setting.

In late July or early Ausust MechSpace from Anthony Ford should also be ready to go. This is a completely original, d6-based system for mecha compabt and roleplaying and will include its own campaign setting.

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