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Tell me a story...

Started by mahoux, August 15, 2002, 03:03:24 PM

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What's the deal with the Bedtime Stories series?  I haven't seen them for sale on the site.
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Jason L Blair

Still working on them. Bedtime Stories: Ever After should be up by the end of the month.
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer


First, a huge compliment: Little Fears is a great game. Thanks for giving us such a thoughtful, mature, visceral RPG. Now if I could just find a few thoughtful, mature, and visceral gamers with which to fully enjoy it... :p

Okay, now on to the question, which I'm sure you're getting sick of answering: Any progress on Ever After? (I'll be the first to admit, when something looks so good, I can be a little less than patient... :p)

Thanks again!

Jason L Blair

Bedtime Stories has stalled and it's all my fault. There's been a lot going on and, frankly, I've been uninspired. The other authors sent in their stuff looooong ago, the delay has been on my end. Tell ya what, I'm just going to compile what I have and put it online for free. If I can get the important stuff off the old office computer, I'll do it this weekend.

The rest of the series will be addressed in the upcoming Key 20 update.
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer


Well, that sucks... the uninspired thing, I mean. But I know exactly how you feel... and how close to impossible it is to produce a thing when the muse isn't exactly forthcoming.

I look forward to seeing Ever After - in whatever form and whenever it should arrive.

Thanks - and I hope your inspiration returns soon! :)