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Iron Game Chef - Simulationist!

Started by Mike Holmes, May 08, 2003, 09:09:57 PM

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Mike Holmes

The Chairman enters the arena once again. The light's come up. He's carrying a copy of Pendragon. What could it mean?

Iron Game Chef Contest!

I can wait no longer! We must know! Are there designers yet living who can accept the challenge to create a game in one week?!?!  Is there one of comparable talent to Iron Game Chef - Gamist, John Laviolette!

This episode's challenge! Create an entire Simulationist RPG  that incorporates three of the following four terms:
    Here are the rules:
    [list=1][*]Submissions to this contest must be made no later than 11:59 PM CDT on May 16th, 2003. If you're not sure when that is, post early. In fact you may want to post early so that you don't get messed up by server death as all are posted at the last minute (not to mention being in early can be a good tactic).
    [*]Post all submissions to this thread, and all work must be in the thread (though it can be in multiple posts). Graphics housed elsewhere and referred to in the code are excepted.
    [*]Any submission edited after the deadline will be disqulaified.
    [*]Submissions will be judged by myself on the following categories: Style, Estimated Effectiveness in Play, Creative and Effective Incorporation of the Above Terms, and Completeness.
    [*]The winner and runners up will be announced on or before May 20th, 2003.
    [*]RPG is defined intuitively. If you get too far from what may reasonably be constued an RPG you may be penalized! OTOH, you may get points for creativity. Do so at your own risk![/list:o]
    Direct any questions to myself, or this thread.

    Now, Iron Game Chef Gamist Challengers! Get Ready to create!


    See here for the last episode.
    Per the moderators: Mike Holmes is the only person that's allowed to do this (prevents these from proliferating impossibly). If you have an issue with this contact the moderators.
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    Jonathan Walton

    You just HAD to pick exam week, didn't you Mike!  The WORST week in the history of the world!  And I TOTALLY have a game concept that would work for this too!  ARGGHH!  7-FOLD VENGEANCE!  DO YOU HEAR!  SEVEN-FOLD!

    Seriously, bad timing.  Anybody who goes by the standard academic cycle is going to be out of commission this week.  I mean, I'll do a game later, even though I'll be disqualified, just because I'm that kind of person, but I was hoping to take down John.  Sigh.  Better luck next time...

    P.S. This is what you're missing:

    Emily Care

    Quote from: Jonathan WaltonSeriously, bad timing. Anybody who goes by the standard academic cycle is going to be out of commission this week.

    Ah, and here I was heaving a sigh of relief that he didn't do it last week.  Exam? What exam next Tuesday?  I finished my paper yesterday, so if the Muses are merciful, I'm in.

    Question:  there's no set way that the terms need to be incorporated into the game, right?  They don't have to be in the setting per se?  

    --Emily Care
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    Black & Green Games

    Mike Holmes

    I should have realized that. My wife graduates this weekend (after only 17 short years of college).

    But that said, I'm sure every week of the year has some problem with it.

    Still, if I get more complaints than submissions in short order I may postpone. Let me know here if you're working on something, or need to wait.

    But for the moment we're still on. :-)

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    Mike Holmes

    Quote from: Emily Care
    Question:  there's no set way that the terms need to be incorporated into the game, right?  They don't have to be in the setting per se?  
    No set way. There may be better and worse ways, but it's up to the designer to figure that out.

    BTW, all synonyms are allowed as well.

    These are both questions that were asked more or less in the last contest. A review of that thread may give insights.

    Glad to hear you're in, Em. May the Muses be with you, indeed.

    See what I mean, Jonathan?

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    Jason Lee

    I was gonna try my hand too, but I'm closing on a house I'm moving next week.
    - Cruciel


    Quote from: Emily Care
    I finished my paper yesterday, so if the Muses are merciful, I'm in.

     Hmmm....these are, as I recall, individual efforts.  Which is too bad -- it'd be fun to collaborate with you.  Ah well, that means that this weekend, amidst the other fun and games....


    Bring It!

    p.s. first thought on reading the list of ingredients is Blood Music by Greg Bear.
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    Jonathan Walton

    Quote from: Mike HolmesSee what I mean, Jonathan?

    Yeah, yeah, no sympathy for the weak, I get it :)

    But if I fail classes because I get obsessed with writing Argonauts instead, it's coming out of your hide Mr. Holmes...

    Bonus Coolness Points for using all 4!


    ok, I'll through my hat in the ring.

    because one thing about all these competions/challenges I've found is: they spur me into action. I like that. when I have no deadline, I just keep twiddling things and it's much hard to complete the final product.

    I was aiming to make this game less philosophical than Co9C and the (unnamed) Nag Hammadi/gnostic game, but so far the ideas I've come up with are leaning the same direction. oh well!
    John Laviolette
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    C. Edwards

    *walks in wearing nothing but a grass skirt and drinking a Corona*

    I'm going to throw my coconuts into this competition also.

    Prepare thyselves for the coming of the  Tiki God

    *chugs his beer and paddles out to catch a wave*



    Drains blood, sings songs, dances in circles aruond the great KaluaHua("Who ha?").....  Nah, too obvious, But I'm in.

    happily wearing the hat of the fool.

    Jared A. Sorensen

    It appears that I'm in as well, despite the fact that Simulationism doesn't exist.

    - J
    jared a. sorensen /

    Shreyas Sampat

    Mike Holmes

    The Chairman looks at the culinary rules masters arrayed for battle.

    Quote from: ChairmanOh, indeed this bodes to be a battle of colossi. We have the Iron Chef Gamist himself returning to the arena. And it looks like the runner-up may compete as well, perhaps to his own detriment! The artful Chris Edwards has decided to join the fray, shouting a Creative Agenda as a challenge to all! Tom honors the competition with his bellowed taunt! The newcomer Joe enters subtly, bringing an unknown challenge. Shreyas Sampat, the man of myth, sneaks in almost unnoticed.

    And, what is this? The iconoclast, Memento-Mori himself, master of the gaming ginsu? Can it be? He will be attempting to win a competition that he does not believe exists? His zen ways are astonishing to all! Surely this will cause the mortal participants to tremble!

    Who else will try their hand at challenging these maestros of gaming goodness? And who in the end will be - Iron Game Chef - Simulationist!
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    Matt Machell

    I'm in. Since I have much freetime at the moment...